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ARVA Reactor – Safety in the mountains ­čŚ╗

Esports Sant Moritz- Seguridad ARVA

At Esports Sant Moritz we love enjoy the mountain . But this must be done consciously and always respecting it. Mountain safety is key to this.

Esports Sant Moritz - ARVA Reactor

At our stores we have security products of the brand ARVA ARVA brand – shovels, probes, locating devices and we carry out specific training sessions which you can sign up for if you are passionate about ski mountaineering.

We also have the latest generation products, for those of you who want to be equipped with maximum safety in your adventures. Thus, we commercialize the ARVA Reactor backpack which, apart from being a technical mountain backpack of the highest quality, incorporates an emergency inflation airbag in case we find ourselves in the middle of an avalanche.

Have you seen an ARVA Reactor in operation?

Surely not… ­čś▒ and even less in a real situation ­čĄ», that’s why we want to show you in this short video what is really an ARVA Reactor? and what extra security it gives us ­čŽ║.

As you can see. The inflation is practically immediate, as if it were a car airbag, and what it will allow us to gain buoyancy in the moving snow and thus avoid being covered by it, increasing our chances of getting out of an avalanche unscathed.

How do I perform maintenance?

As it is a safety element, it is necessary to perform preventive maintenance on it on a regular basis. Thus, according to the manufacturer’s specifications is required:

  • Once a year check the weight of the compressed air cylinder – remember that the minimum acceptable compressed air weight for proper operation is 68 grams.
  • Once a year verify that the threads of the cylinder with the inflation system are free of particles or excessive wear.
  • Once a year check that the inflation system (can be done without the compressed air cylinder) is working properly (check the mechanical part).
  • Once a year Deploy the airbags and check their condition. When folding and storing, we must ensure that they are dry and free of moisture.
  • Once a year check all anchorages.

Also, every 3 years the airbag must be activated with the compressed air cylinder and then checked and refilled.

Checking and refilling the air cylinder cylinder

It must be taken into account that we are talking about a safety equipment with compressed air at 4,000 psi pressure, so this maintenance must be performed by qualified personnel with the appropriate equipment.

In Esports Sant Moritz we have qualified equipment for this activity and we also have the only certified machine for refilling compressed air cylinders in the Pyrenees and Iberian Peninsula.

Yes, yes! The only one! ­čą│ We have already told you… we love the mountains… but even more we love to enjoy them in complete safety!!!

So if you have an ARVA Reactor backpack and you have to perform maintenance or you are interested in acquiring one, do not hesitate, in Esports Sant Moritz we can help you!

And don’t forget that we also offer specific mountain safety and DVA training.

Esports Sant Moritz- Mountain safety and DVA course

More skiing! More for you! ÔŤĚ´ŞĆ

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