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Bird’s eye view of Arinsal


We have decided to show you Arinsal from a bird’s eye view

A few days ago, we were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the Ski Mountaineering World Cup in the resort of VallNord Pal-Arinsal .

The competitions took place mostly in the Arinsal sector 😃, so we had the TOPs of this sport among us.

They were two intense days of nature and sport, where we enjoyed the best skiers in the world of ski mountaineering with super disputed competitions.

The winners

Women’s category

1.- Emily Harrop (FRA) – 1:33:15.53
2.- Alba de Silvestro (ITA) – 1:34:35.72
3.- Celia Perillat-Pessey (ITA) – 1:36:41.86

7.- Ana Alonso (ESP) – 1:39:41.35
17.- María Ordónez (ESP) – 1:51:26.77
20.- Claudia Tremps (ESP) – 1:53:18.12

Men’s category

1.- Remi Bonnet (SUI) – 1:30:15.17
2.- Thibault Anselmet (FRA) – 1:30:40.86
3.- Xavier Gachet (FRA) – 1:31:49.95

Oriol Cardona (ESP) – 1:36:31.52
26.- Jordi Alis (ESP) – 1:40:42.02
Ot Ferrer (ESP) – 1:42:26.13
38.- Marc Rádua (ESP) – 1:46:29.47

Arinsal, a bird's eye view

And yes! taking advantage of the event, in Esports Sant Moritz we decided to take our drone to fly, to offer spectacular views of the resort. Arinsal from a bird’s eye view!

Bird’s eye view

Arinsal, a bird's eye view

We are not going to deny it So far it has not been a season of great snowfalls and the high temperatures are making the work of the pisters of the resort really difficult, but it must be said that the slopes are kept in a pretty good condition.

You can judge for yourselves with the images we offer you.

Thus, the resort’s pisters work daily to keep the snow in the best possible conditions. In addition, if the temperatures allow it, snow is produced and of course, we are all waiting for the snowfall that for the moment is resisting us 😞.

But this does not mean that with the current means that the resort has, we have pretty good snow conditions. Thus, almost 70% of the slopes and 80% of the ski lifts are available – including the new chairlift in the Arinsal sector, which was launched this year and takes us to Port Negre.

Here we are! At the foot of the slopes, always ready to help you enjoy your ski days.

More Ski! More for you!

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