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Black Crows, the ultimate skis

Black Crows

Skis Black Crows Black Crows skis are among the most dreamed of by Powder, freeride, off-piste, approach skiing and anyone who enjoys skis that have their origin in the Alps, specifically in Chamonix. Black Crows skis, the ultimate skis ❄️🤟

Black Crows Black Crows is a brand that was born almost 20 years ago, in 2006 in Chamonix by two professional freeriders – Camille Jaccoux, Camille Jaccoux, Camille Jaccoux and Camille Jaccoux. Camille Jaccoux y Bruno Compagnet .

Camille and Bruno had a dream, which was to be able to combine quality skiing with attractive design. Until then, skis had a tendency to have a sober and unobtrusive design… and Black Crows turned everything upside down! 🤘

At Esports Sant Moritz we have been working with the brand for years, we are passionate about it… and we were pioneers in its introduction in the Principality of Andorra. Our founder Patrick Toussain t was the brand’s representative for years, promoting brand awareness among skiers.

So, every season every season we bet on the Black Crows collection as part of our offer for our customers – we have models for sale, but also for rent. as part of our offer of hard material for our customers – we have models for sale, but also for rent.

Ski Panel - Test and Purchase Program

What Black Crows models do we offer?

We have models of the category All terrain and Mountain touring in both men’s and women’s sizes. We also have the brand’s seal skins and if you want to go matching we also have Black Crows sticks.

Skis can be purchased “flat” (without binding) or by taking advantage of one of the ski + binding offers we have. And now that we are on sale, all Black Crows skis are reduced by 20%. A super opportunity to get a great ski!

If you want to try them before you decide to buy them, remember that we have our program “TRY AND BUY where you can enjoy a day of skiing with the selected model to make up your mind to buy it.

Within the different ranges of skis of the brand, we want to explain a little more about the specific models.

All Terrain models 🏔️

Versatile skis for all types of snow and skiers looking to push the limits.

SERPO MODEL: Within the Black Crows range it is a pistero model, very reactive. With a 93mm skid (at the base), it is ideal for “carving”.

MODEL MIRUS COR: One of the newest models in the range. It seeks the combination of freeride ski performance and carving with strong carving angle. It is a ski with a “rocker” configuration in the tip and long tails. This allows us to play with short turns on the track as well as have fun with sidehits.

VERTIS MODEL: Short radius ski (15m). It has an 85mm skid and a very fast and agile transition. It is one of the brand’s entry-level models.

JUSTIS MODEL: All-terrain model, it allows to enter the curves in “unrestrained” mode, looking for the limits. It incorporates a double titanium layer for precise handling and is also rockered for easy ski steering. It is mainly designed to be developed in the skiing area of the resort, but it allows us to get away from the off-piste.

CAPTIS MODEL: One of the brand’s most popular and affordable models. It has a progressive flex and a lot of effective edging which allows us to perform precise maneuvers at high speed. A very versatile ski.

Black Crows skis

Mountain Touring Models 🤘

Designed for our off-piste adventures… both ascending and enjoying descents on the most remote slopes.

CAMOX FREEBIRD MODEL: Iconic model of the brand. Ideal for all conditions. It is a ski designed more for downhill than uphill. A playful, fun ski that puts a premium on being able to tackle any type of snow rather than high performance. It is permissive, light and progressive.

OVA FREEBIRD MODEL: A ski with a strong and reactive flex, although it also allows for calm skiing. It is a light ski but without compromising downhill performance.

ORB FREEBIRD MODEL: Famous for its fluorescent yellow color it is a reference model in touring skis. It has a 90mm skid, with a lightweight construction and very good skiability.

MENTIS FREEBIRD: Conceptualized as a thin ski, very light but with very high skiability for this type of ski. With its 80mm skid, it maintains a low weight. It provides great sensations in soft snow and is precise in rougher terrain.

NAVIS FREEBIRD: Another of the brand’s icons. With its 102mm skid, it does not go unnoticed. Maintains a fine balance between buoyancy and skiability. This way we will have alpine sensations and at the same time enjoy a progressive front rocker. If you don’t mind lightness, it is an unbeatable adventure companion.

CORBUS FREEBIRD: The “pink panther” is the selection of those who are clearly betting on ski touring. It is an aggressive and precise ski in turn entry and exit with a very energetic behavior. It has a titanium plate under the foot that makes the mounting of hybrid bindings more secure.

So now you know, in Esports Sant Moritz, has a wide variety of different models of the brand Black Crows, the ultimate skis, so you can decide for one of them.

Remember that now that we are on sale, the models are on sale- have a 20% discount and if you have any doubts/questions, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Black Crows, the ultimate skis 🤟⛷️

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