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Try and buy, so you’re on the safe side 😃.

Panel esquis- Programa Prueba y compra

Try and buy is the program we have in Esports Sant Moritz to make it easier for you to choose your next skis.

We know that in front of the ski showroom We know that in front of the ski showroom, knowing which ones are the most suitable for you can be a complex choice, although our skiman’s team will help you and give you all the necessary details.

But even so, we understand perfectly well that the sensations in the snow rule! ⛷ And that’s why we want to make it easy for you.

To do this, we allow you to try the skis for yourself so that you can make a thoughtful and tested decision đŸ€”.

How does the Try & Buy Program work?

Very simple, you choose the skis you want to try from the entire catalog that we offer and that we detail below.

You enjoy them during the whole day, as if it were a rental of our equipment and if you later decide to buy the skis, we will deduct the amount paid for the rental from the final price.

The skis we have in this “Try & Buy” mode, we sell them in pack format, i.e. boards + bindings 🎿.

What models do we have for you to try?

The models we have in our catalog to be tested cover all the brands we work with in Esports Sant Moritz – they are always reference brands of proven quality and reputation in the world of snow 🔝.

We have models of the exclusive and experience ranges – from mid-level to those with an advanced level and for all budgets, with prices from 359€ to 1.475€ for the top of the range.

Going into detail on the models of the “Try & Buy” program, these are:


  • Head Pure
  • Head Shape SX
  • Head Shape V10
  • Head E.XSR
  • Head X85
  • Head Kore


  • Salomon Race
  • Salomon Addick Pro
  • Salomon Max 10
  • Salomon S/Max 8
  • Salomon S/Force


  • Atomic Redster S7
  • Atomic Redster Q
  • Atomic Redster MX
  • Atomic Cloud Q8


  • Blackcrows Serpo
  • Blackcrows Vertis Birdie
  • Blackcrows Orb


  • Stoeckli Laser SC

How can I test them?

Simple, either directly by coming to one of the our three stores in ArinsalOur team will explain in detail the different characteristics of the skis and then you will decide which ones you want to try or, if before coming you want to contact us and make sure we have the model that interests you in your size, contacting us through the form below.

At Esports Sant Moritz we always want to make it easy for you to enjoy the snow to the fullest.

More Ski! More for you!

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