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Down jackets are begging for love 🪶❤️


Down jackets– whether natural or synthetic, are one of the best options to protect us from the cold – their lightness, waterproofness, adaptability and thermal capacity are unmatched.

However, its maintenance and especially its washing can become a real “nightmare”, However, its maintenance and especially its washing, can become a real “nightmare”.. That makes most of the owners of this type of products renounce to their washing- fear of spoiling a product that is not exactly cheap 🤯.

Why do we say “spoil”?

Well, this is a “paradigm” that we all have in our heads and that is associated with two basic variables:

  • The washing machine 🧺: A machine “infernal” that will be turning our precious technical clothing round and round. Will it resist? Will it lose its qualities?
  • Feathers 🪶: When you continuously apply water to a feather product, what ends up happening is that the feathers clump together, turning the precious piece of clothing into a jumble.
down jacket with poorly distributed feathers - washed out problems

And of course… who takes a gamble with a product of these characteristics? because my little people… and the solution is to “no maintenance“. But, like any piece of clothing, down jackets require periodic maintenance. That is to say, it is so bad the “traditional washing“is as bad as “not doing it” 😱.

Is there a solution for down jackets?

Yes, and in Esports Sant Moritz we can help you with it. We have been marketing pen products for many years because we believe in their virtues, but for us it is just as important that our customers are well equipped as it is that they are able to properly maintain their equipment.

grangers products care down jackets

For this reason, we work with the products of the English brand GRANGERSwhich is a brand specialized in cleaning and maintenance products for outdoor products.

They have a specific line of products oriented to down jackets and undercoats that guarantees its washing, eliminating all those “fears” that we may have in our heads.

Thus, the product is composed of a specific soap for this type of garment that takes care of its technical properties and a series of “soap for the garment” and “soap for the garment”.balls“The movement of the feathers in contact with the clothes will ensure that the feathers do not get caught and are not poorly distributed.

For a correct washing of our down jackets, it is ideal to dry them in a tumble dryer, since the movement together with the “special balls”, will guarantee that the product ends up with the feathers correctly distributed and also the quick drying avoids that the feathers can “rot” deteriorating the garment.

Grangers balls care down jackets

There is a myth that this same thing can be done using “tennis balls”… well, it can be an option, but you have to take into account that these balls are much harder and of a much more aggressive material towards our garments, so if we do it regularly they will end up damaging the garment… For one day and to get out of trouble, ok … but if you want your garments to last, do not use tennis balls or similar.

“Something else for your down jackets?

Yes, it is… the product is really a 2×1, since the washing detergent, apart from acting on the specific cleaning of the garment, maintains and guarantees the waterproofing of the garment.

Grangers care down jackets

Because it is just as important that our garments are clean as it is that they protect us from inclement weather.

With the simple action of inserting the detergent in our washing machine we will achieve the double action of washing and waterproofing – reducing the environmental impact – reducing the environmental impact. reducing the environmental impact:

grangers sustainability

GRANGERS is a company with a high environmental sensitivity and they have the “Bluesign“which guarantees that the product does not contain perfluorocarbonsThe containers are 100% PCR (Past consumed recycled) – that is to say, they are produced from recycled plastic bottles, there is a return service for the containers,…

Also in GRANGERS you can find many other products for the care of your outdoor equipment. We at Esports Sant Moritzwe also work with the waterproofing of footwearwhich, whether you have standard footwear or GORE-TEXis super useful to ensure that our feet stay dry and warm.

👉 So now you know! If you have a down jacket or garment and you want to give it a good maintenance, do not hesitate, the products GRANIER products that we have in Esports Sant Moritz are the best option!

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