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A brand with impact – Picture

Picture products

At Esports Sant Moritz we like to work with brands that we know will not disappoint our customers. Brands with impact!

In other words, not only do we want to offer quality products, but we also want them to be environmentally friendly. The world of sports can and should be respectful of the Planet.

This is the case of the brand Picture a premium brand that apart from producing skiwear that will leave you with your mouth open, is a brand that takes care of the environment 💚.

In other words, a brand with an environmental impact, a transcendental brand .

How do they do it?

Picture uses natural materials for the production of its garments natural materials avoiding the use of petroleum derivatives. Picture uses recycled polyester from plastic bottles. They have been doing this since 2008! 🤗

A brand with impact - Picture

They apply the technology known as “ bio-sourcing ” 💥 which is based on using plant-derived materials to manufacture their ski jackets. Thus, they use sugar cane and recino seeds, which they transform into bio-mono ethylene glycol, which replaces the one produced from petroleum derivatives.

Already in the 2020-2021 season season, 30% of the collection was produced with this sustainable material and the idea of the brand is to expand its use to the entire collection.

In addition, in order to make their garments waterproof, they avoid using chemical products and since the 2017-2018 season 2017-2018 season they do not use PFC’s (perfluoro derivatives – PFOA, PFOS).

In short, a quality brand that also focuses on environmental conservation. A brand with impact 🔝💚.

Brand in action – Brand with impact

If you want to see the Picture’s products products in action, we invite you to visit their documentary section on their website.

Documentaries and product videos section

In our stores

You can find the entire collection in our stores. You will find both women’s and men’s garments:

  • jackets
  • pants
  • internal parts
A brand with impact - Picture- Esports Sant Moritz

More Ski! More for you! And for the Planet!

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